How long can I expect the paint job to last?

We have been painting aluminum siding homes since 1987 and have yet to have the siding peel or blister. We guarantee against peeling or blistering for 15 years and the product is warranted not to chalk or fade for 25 years.

How long will the job take?

An average size home can be completed in one day! (Not including pressure washing.)

What about overspray?

We bring the experience of thousands of homes to every home we paint. Everything is covered from roof to shrubs. We guarantee no overspray.

My siding is in good condition I just don’t like the color, can I change it?

You are limited only by your imagination! Choose from hundreds of Sherwin Williams colors or we can computer match any color you choose.

I’m thinking of just replacing my aluminum siding. What is the cost comparison?

Since there is no siding removal we usually come in at about 15 to 25% of the cost of new siding. Add to that window, door, and shutter painting, plus a 15 year guarantee and you have an unbeatable combination.

What types of paint and stains do you use?

We only use Sherwin Williams’s top of the line products. When painting we use Duration and Super Paint. The majority of the time we use satin finish, but they also offer flat and gloss finishes as well. When staining we use Woodscapes stain on siding and Deckscapes stain on decks. Both products come in either solid or semi-transparent finishes.

When pressure washing will the chemicals you use be harmful to my plants?

Many times just the water pressure alone is enough to prepare most surfaces for painting. We don’t use any chemicals, but when there is mildew present we do apply a diluted mixture of bleach and water to the effected areas. Sometimes we add a mild detergent as well, but never any chemicals that would be harmful to your pets or vegetation.